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Orbit Early Years

We are delighted to say that we are an early adopter of Orbit Early years - and the feedback from parents has been fantastic !

So What Is It?

Essentially, Orbit allows the team to easily collate and record information electronically about each child's learning and development, so that it can be shared with their families. This technology massively improves efficiencies and can be accessed via the nursery computers and iPads. The result is that it helps to reduce the inordinate amount of paperwork and time spent collecting observations and making assessments, enabling the practitioners at Juice to be much more hands on with the children, spending lots more time engaging in quality play and activities together!

The team at Juice has also found that using Orbit makes it much easier for them to track each child's progress and therefore they are able to ensure that their planning is exactly tailored to the individual development needs of each child. In addition, Parents Evenings are more comprehensive and organised since summary reports created via Orbit are used as a basis for discussion.

There are additional benefits to families as the beauty of this system is that it can be accessed for free by parents and guardians on Orbit Family. This has been specifically created to allow families to communicate with nursery staff about their child's learning. At any time they can see:
• The EYFS assessments about their child
• Photos saved to their child's album
• Share their child's at-home learning activities by sending Juice an Orbit Postcard.
Early Years providers and practitioners have a duty of care to safeguard the welfare of children and the information that they record and keep about those children. The Orbit Early Years software is structured to help providers to safeguard children's information so there are no concerns about any data getting into the wrong hands if a PC or mobile device is lost or stolen! All information recorded via Orbit is saved to its secure and resilient Cloud servers and no data is stored on computers or mobile devices.

All in all, Orbit Early Years has been a really positive addition to Juice nursery. It makes communication with parents easier and more comprehensive whilst freeing up the nursery staff so that they can give the children more hands on care. Sounds like a winner to us!

I wanted to say how delighted I am with the nursery and the staff. Max has come on leaps and bounds since joining Juice and he is a much happier little boy. Your staff are a credit to the nursery. Thank you so much for making my son a happier person.

Olivia Moyes