What changes have been put in place to combat COVID-19?

We have made a number of changes to the way in which we work within our nursery, to ensure that we are doing all that we can to keep our children, staff and parents safe.

If you have a particular concern or query, not covered by the information below, please do not hesitate to contact our office on 0161 929 7470.

Our Setting

Each of our rooms has become a standalone ‘bubble’.

Touch points in communal areas throughout the nursery (door handles, bannisters, door bells etc) are sanitised at regular intervals throughout the day, with details logged.

Steam cleaners have been bought for each bubble, so that equipment and toys can be sanitised throughout the day.

Our Staff

Staff have been allocated to a designated bubble.  This includes staff providing lunchtime cover.

To help keep our team socially distanced and protect our bubbles, we have set up a second Staff Room.

Staff have continued to update their skills and knowledge, by completing training courses online and attending meetings via Zoom/Skype etc.

Staff continue to work in partnership with parents, using eyLog to share Home Learning ideas, that link to nursery activities, to help support families with children at home.

Visitors to the Nursery

Parents drop off/pick up children at one of our 3 holding doors, rather than to their individual rooms.  At these times they are asked to wear mask, sanitise their hands, maintain a 2m distance and keep any conversation with our team to a minimum.

Visits for prospective parents to view the nursery can be arranged as necessary and we have introduced strict procedures that we follow in such circumstances. For more details please call 0161 929 7470.

Our weekly Stretch-n-Grow classes currently take place over Zoom for children throughout the nursery.

Where possible deliveries to the nursery are dropped outside our front door.

Any maintenance or repairs needed to be are carried out take place outside of nursery hours wherever possible.

Policy & Procedures 

Strict protocols are followed should anyone within the nursery (children or staff) exhibit any symptoms of COVID-19.

We have a working Risk Assessment in place, that is regularly reviewed and updated as necessary by our Nursery Managers, in response to any changes or developments.

Parents are kept informed on a timely and regular basis of any matters that might affect the running of the nursery as a result of the ongoing pandemic. We seek to ensure that explanations to the thought process behind any decisions that are made is provided and have found that open and transparent communication has meant that we have been fully supported by our parents.