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If you have questions or queries, or would like to come in for a visit, please get in touch!

Choosing a nursery is not easy. Your children are incredibly precious and we understand the anxiety that parents often feel when making this type of decision. You want to ensure that not only is their attendance of benefit to them but that they will also grow physically and emotionally, that it will be a great learning experience and, of course that it will be loving and fun!

OFSTED reports help but they will never give you a proper understanding of what we, or any other nursery for that matter, are about.

So, please get in touch, with any questions you might have, or to arrange a visit. As well as showing you around, allowing you to get a feel for our team and our environment, we can answer your queries and provide you with details of Juice parents to speak to, so you can gauge first hand their experiences of Juice.

    Juice Nursery The Old Town Hall
    Market Street Altrincham WA14 1PG