Read on to find out more on what our parents, staff and other specialist practitioners have to say about Juice Nursery.


Hi there lovely people at Juice!  Not sure you will remember us? My daughter had the pleasure of spending her first few years before school at Juice. We moved to Cambridge some years ago but visited Altrincham to see friends a few weeks ago.  As we popped past the nursery we had a little reminisce, next to the sign with Anya’s friends (it was taken on her day off!). We just thought we’d say hi… and thank you. You guys laid excellent foundations for both my kids, and we’ll never forget how much you meant to us all.  People always remember to complain so I thought I’d take some time to say thank you and we’ve never forgotten you.

Anya’s Mum

My children absolutely adore going to Juice, as much as we love sending them! Mike, Lesley and the team focus on letting the children learn whilst having fun and most importantly giving them confidence in all aspects of life. Whilst I am confident that they are rigorously following the right academic guidelines and principles it is the personal touches that might the nursery so special. Whether they are going for muddy walks, learning to count in Spanish or doing word work using real tools, I know that they are somewhere that they will leave full of confidence and assurance and really looking forward to school. I know it must be a great place to be, as when I arrived early to pick the children up one day, my son protested that he was going to miss out on yoga that afternoon!

Alex’s Dad
Other Agencies

Children make rapid progress in their learning and personal development. Activities inside and outside are imaginative and motivate children so that they want to learn. This instils in children thirst for knowledge and prepares them exceptionally well for their transition to school.

Staff are highly motivated and skilled in providing stimulating and challenging environment in which children flourish and grow.

Learning is a journey of discovery for all children.



I just thought you might like to hear that I have just been speaking with one of the therapists at Trafford Speech & Language Therapy and she made a point of telling me how fantastic she thought Juice was – I certainly agree!  She was also singing your team’s praises, which reminds me that I meant to let you know that, my husband and I are both really grateful to you all for the extra work you’ve been doing to support Toby’s speech – your staff have really gone the extra mile and continue to do so!

Toby’s Mum

The range of learning Juice offers the children is amazing. They are always experiencing new things for example: Muddy Morning, Stretch-n-Grow, visiting the residents of a care home and learning about different festivals. Elodie loves her time at Juice and enjoys telling us about what she has discovered in this caring environment once she gets home.

Elodie’s Mum

Both my children attend the nursery and absolutely love it. They have both flourished there due to the amazing staff, countless activities and fabulous facilities. They also encourage parents to meet due to extra activities and parties throughout the year, which makes a lovely Juice community.

Olive’s Mum

I feel extremely lucky to have my children in a nursery where so much focus is place on promoting children’s mental and emotional wellbeing through such natural and powerful tools as meditation and yoga, which have been integrated into the children’s daily routines.

Zachy’s Mum

My daughter has significant additional needs and choosing a nursery for her was a daunting process. Juice made clear from the start that Emma was a valued member of the nursery community and that nothing was too much trouble. THey have actively embraced learning about Emma and how best to support her. Juice’s SENCO and Emma’s Key workers keep me updated on Emma’s learning on a regular basis, alongside the informative daily diaries. I’m amazed at Emma’s progression whilst attending Juice. The staff throughout the nursery know Emma and always take the time to say hello when passing. It’s an inclusive, caring environment. My second child will be starting at Juice too and I am confident that she will also thrive.

Emma’s Mum
Other Agencies

‘This is an example of a nursery using yoga and positive thinking training to support the personal and professional well being of its employees. The training has resulted in staff having an increased understanding as to why their own and the children’s well being is so important for healthy growth and development and has led to positive feedback from parents.’

Princess Royal Training Award Assessors

So, the end of an era… I said a few thank yous last week, but wanted to reiterate and extend these to everyone involved at Juice. Monty started three and a half years ago as I went back to work after maternity leave and we couldn’t be happier with the love and care that he has received, it wasn’t easy leaving my baby with someone else but I knew he was in the best hands. He has had so much fun, learnt so much and has done so many different things, he has formed some great friendships (as have I), and I know he has had the best possible start.

I will miss his company on the tram, but probably even more so the indefatigable smiles and good mornings from staff at Juice, every single morning; a really cheering way to start the day.

When someone said yesterday that they were feeling sad, Monty’s reply was “Please be happy all the time!”.

And so to new beginnings…

Monty’s Mum

Juice have helped my son settle into the new setting so rapidly.

They’ve totally taken on board the similarities and differences to his older brother, who previously attended, and have adapted completely to what he needed in order to feel secure.

He is happy and content and they have totally got him sussed! I trust them completely with him and the nursery continues to feel like a ‘home from home’.

I’m always impressed with how genuine all of the staff are with the children and,  as a setting, I love the different initiatives they take on, that align with EYFS, as well as being the sort of things I would support e.g. mindfulness, yoga, health and community/charitable activities, along with the family days.


Extremely caring staff, who go above and beyond for the children in their care. We are constantly being updated on our daughter’s progress and welfare.

Juice have also been flexible when I have needed emergency care.

I couldn’t ask anymore from a nursery, Juice has been outstanding for both my daughters over the past 5 years. Low staff turnover makes a big difference and says a lot about how happy and hardworking the team are.

A home away from home in every sense!

Mrs Collins
Other Agencies

Trafford College have worked with Juice since it opened. I have provided off-site training to a vast majority of staff employed on a level 2, 3 and 4 to help develop, update and improve their professional qualifications and skills.

The nursery takes on Apprentices, so providing ongoing training and a commitment to develop work skills alongside professional qualifications. This shows the commitment and dedication of both the management and the team.

Management give the team the opportunity to develop their skills and are supportive and approachable. Senior staff support inexperienced staff and provide good role models giving help and guidance at all times.

The nursery has an excellent relationship with the families providing an ‘open door’ policy and is flexible meeting parent’s requests; passing on information and building up good relationships with the keyworker system. Staff have good relationships with their key children providing individual care and a flexible approach to their learning and development.

Margaret Carlile, Early Years Co-ordinator, Trafford College

My son Toby has been diagnosed with autism this year and the practitioners at Juice have been absolutely outstanding in their support of him and, of all of us as a family, at a very challenging time.

Not only have they spent a huge amount of time finding creative solutions to enable Toby to access the curriculum and feel happy and safe at nursery, but they have also provided an immense amount of help and guidance through the process of obtaining an EHCP and the transition to primary school.

They have been quite simply amazing!

Toby’s Mum