What level of qualifications to your staff hold?

We like to train our staff to the highest possible level. All staff are given the opportunity to train and qualify to Level 3 (NVQ3 or equivalent).

As of January 2022 our staff qualifications levels were as follows:

2 staff members with Level 6 qualification or above

2 staff members with a Level 5 qualification.

5 staff members with a Level 4 qualification.

9 staff members with a Level 3 qualification.

3 staff members with a Level 2 qualification.

Further to this, 2 are working towards a Level 4 qualification and 5 towards a Level 3.

All of our Room Leaders already hold, or are working towards, a Level 4 qualification.

Our staff also trained to provide inclusive play and learning opportunities, in accordance with Ofsted requirements, and hold child protection, paediatric first aid, health and safety & food hygiene certificates.