Mike’s Story

( And other very, very important stuff !!! )


Hi, I am Mike, the proud owner of Juice!

As you can see, I too was once a child. Not that I am suggesting that this in any way qualifies me to own and run a children’s nursery.

Thankfully, I have an ace team to do that as well as gently put me back in my place, when I get ideas above my station.

I actually started my working life very differently and, after years of training and exams, I became a Chartered Accountant and Tax Advisor and worked my way up the ranks to become a Partner in one of the Big 4 accountancy firms.

So, I was very, very important (or is that self-important…hmmm) was a bit busy and worked quite long hours..

Then this happened!

Children change you don’t you think? I never realised I would become quite so besotted!

My children, Noah and Joshua, both went to Juice, with Noah being one of the first babies to join the Pink Room, when the nursery opened, back in 2007.

I can, hand on heart, tell you that they loved their time at Juice and, as parents, we wholeheartedly felt that attending nursery really did give them the best start in life (don’t you think that would sound good in a vision statement?!).

So, guess what? Yes – I bought it!! Well, it was time for a change… new routines and new rules… and they are certainly different here at Juice.

eg. Nursery Rule #1 – never leave home without doing your make up! However, should you fail in this simple task, a three year old will thankfully be on hand to rectify matters…

Fast forward a few years and I still love the nursery as much as I ever did, and I am extremely proud of all that has achieved, by an amazing team!

Juice is a great place to work… so we don’t necessarily condone corporal punishment but sometimes management make mistakes and it is important that they learn from this!!

I believe it is known as ‘upward feedback’!

Long may it continue…