Monty’s Mum

So, the end of an era… I said a few thank yous last week, but wanted to reiterate and extend these to everyone involved at Juice. Monty started three and a half years ago as I went back to work after maternity leave and we couldn’t be happier with the love and care that he has received, it wasn’t easy leaving my baby with someone else but I knew he was in the best hands. He has had so much fun, learnt so much and has done so many different things, he has formed some great friendships (as have I), and I know he has had the best possible start.

I will miss his company on the tram, but probably even more so the indefatigable smiles and good mornings from staff at Juice, every single morning; a really cheering way to start the day.

When someone said yesterday that they were feeling sad, Monty’s reply was “Please be happy all the time!”.

And so to new beginnings…