In the Moment Planning

This year we are making the change to In the Moment’ planning. As a result we will ensure that children’s learning and interests remain at the heart of all we do here at Juice Nursery.

Our aim is to support children to become more confident, independent and engaged in their learning. These changes will help us achieve this more easily. Staff will have increased opportunities to use their knowledge and experience to observe their key children. In addition, they will have more time to observe and engage with them during play. In turn, this will allow them to be able to fully support teachable moments,  extend vocabulary and challenge children’s thinking.

A simple concept, In the Moment Planning is about capturing children’s current interests at that particular time. Therefore, there is no need to plan in advance.  This type of planning is simple and effective, is child led and takes place in real time. As a result, children’s current interests are identified with their Key person being able to plan activities for them on a day to day basis, to help them achieve their individual Next Steps. To find out more on In the Moment Planning please click on this link.