College Merger Takes Courses Higher

A group of Early Years students, including 3 Juice practitioners, have become among the first to benefit from the merger between Trafford College and Stockport College, taking their studies even higher.

Before Trafford and Stockport colleges joined forces in April last year, students at Trafford College’s Altrincham Campus studying the BA Early Years Childhood Studies Foundation Degree were only able to study up to Level 5. After that, they had to seek alternative provision elsewhere, or cut their studies short.

Now, thanks to travelling Higher Education lecturer, Dr Controllah Gabi, based at University Centre Stockport, students are now able to ‘top up’ to Level 6 and finish their degree in Altrincham.

Students Rebecca Jones, Danielle Norwood and Charlotte Myers, who work at Juice in Altrincham, said they would not have been able to continue their studies if the Higher Education provision hadn’t been available on site.

Rebecca said, “With Level 6 now being offered so locally, it means we can study and still work full time. Otherwise, we would have had to have gone part time in order to travel somewhere else to carry on studying.

“Having the option to continue our education here, means we are saving money and saving time.”

Danielle added: “We’ve had such a good experience at Trafford College that we didn’t really want to go anywhere else. It’s reassuring to know that the quality of teaching is reflected in the staff at the University [Centre Stockport College] too”

Lecturer of Early Years at Trafford College, Janet Jones, said, “They are thrilled to bits that they can stay here.

“Every year students have been asking if they can stay here and do the top up, but they’ve not had the opportunity until Stockport joined us with its provision.”

“Students on course will now able to leave the college with an even better chance of being promoted or going into management”, Janet added.

To study education up to degree-level, students must hold a relevant Level 3 qualification, which is offered at both Trafford College, Altrincham Campus, and Stockport College.