How do you feel today?

As part of supporting the emotional wellbeing of the children, we spend time discussing feelings, to help them identify and express their emotions. Recenctly, we have been reading ‘The Colour Monster’, by Anna Llenas.  The children have taken a real shine to this, and we do mean a REAL shine!

As it has proved so popular, following their interest, we have embraced the Colour Monsters, incorporating the story into daily discussions and activities.

Our Preschoolers enjoyed a Colour Monster-inspired PE session this week. This included stomping around when ‘red’ was mentionned, and giving each other hugs, for ‘pink’ to show that they are loved. They have been using the ‘Check In’ board in Green Room, adding their picture to the Colour Monster which most represented how they are feeling.  Blue Room have introduced a similar approach, inviting the children to add their personalised wooden spoon to the Colour Monster tin that most matched how they were feeling.