Juice walks for Autism & celebrates our unique selves

Juice walks for Autism as part of our fundraising for World Autism Awareness Day.

Throughout this week we have been celebrating our unique selves to mark World Autism Awareness Day.

This has seen us dress in our favourite outfits, as well as our Preschool ‘walking for autism’ through Altrincham.

Furthermore, and quite possibly the highlight (certainly for our staff!) was flinging a cream pie or three at the management team! All in return for a donation to the National Autistic Society. 

We are sure they love our Managers really, but would be true to say they were queuing up!! And, as the attached photos would show, their aim was quite good too! Thank you to Mike, Lesley and Katie for being such good sports… although the novelty might wear off! Watch this space, as it has been suggested that this become a regular thing! Thanks again to everyone for their support. Not only did we have fabulous fun, but we raised £100 at the same time! Fabulous!