Learning from the best… Appleton Baby Massage

Staff in our Pink and Purple Rooms have added another string to their bows, attending a Baby Massage Workshop. Learning from the best, Susan Kemp, from award winning Appleton Baby Massage, presented the workshop. As well as introducing the benefits of baby massage, Susan shared a variety of practical tips, as well as a variety of hand’s on, practical and therapeutic techniques.

Learning such skills aligns with our mission to promote and safeguard and health and wellbeing of the children in our care. Furthermore, becoming confident in using such techniques helps to strengthen the bond between practitioners and children, so very important for shaping their development.

Who knew however, that massage could be beneficial in so many ways too?! Perhaps the most obvious benefit is that it is a great way of aiding relaxation and de-stressing. However, did you also know that massage can aid and stimulate the circulation, helping to get blood flowing around the body. In addition, it can help relieve digestions issues, especially beneficial to babies who suffer from colic, reflux or constipation. Furthermore, massage can be great for improving sleep patterns, stimulating muscle development and is a lovely way of promoting communication.

Following the workshop our team have found their new skills really helpful. They have already put them to good use, helping a child suffering from digestive issues as well as using the techniques to calm any children feeling anxious, helping them to relax and enjoy some quiet time.

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