Juice Children's Nurseries

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How it works

Pre-school education, more specifically how children from birth to aged five, can be taught to learn and develop, is of course subject to guidelines recommended by the Government. It is within this framework that we plan and implement our curriculum for all children at Juice, albeit with an overarching principle of applying our own built up knowledge and experience of what works and what is important to our parents.

For our very youngest children we are guided by the Early Years Foundation framework (EYFS), which recognises the importance of promoting a strong healthy child, who is both a skilful communicator as well as a competent learner.

For three to five year olds, we provide a range of experiences all of which promote the acquisition of the six areas of learning as recommended within 'Curriculum Guidance for Foundation Stage'. These include:

• Personal, social, and emotional development
• Communication, language and literacy
• Mathematical development
• Knowledge and understanding of the world
• Creative development
• Physical development

We also include various extra-curricular activities including music and movement classes as well as lots and lots of outdoor activities of course!

Music is a key part of every day at Juice. The children enjoy daily sing-a-longs and rhyme time. In addition to this, Ann-Marie, our fabulous music teacher, visits the nursery each week and gets all the children involved, singing songs and exploring different instruments.

All children benefit from Stretch-n-Grow, a world leading health & fitness programme for young children, blending exercise, education & fun.  Focusing on differnet topics each week, our children learn the importance of exercise and nutrition whilst developing their motor skills, agility, flexibility and strength.

As well as having access to our garden, all the children are regularly taken out and about for walks in the fresh air, to allow them to explore the outdoor environment. They enjoy outings to the park, library, tram station and local shops. We are well recognised in the local community, especially when the children are out in our two 6-seater kindervans! Further trips are organised on an ad-hoc basis including visits to the theatre, Manchester Airport's Aviation Park and into Manchester on the tram.

Pink Room

Our Pink Room is for children aged 0-18 months, and is divided into two sections, non-mobile and mobile.

Non mobile area
Working in partnership with parents to ensure a consistency between home and nursery, we do our very best to follow each individual child's own routine. Cots are readily available at all times during the day, should a child need to sleep, and all bottles are made on demand, in our dedicated Milk Kitchen, using the formula milk of parent's choice.

As tiny as the children are, we particularly focus on movement and sensory exploration to help them connect with their environment. They get to enjoy lots of messy play, such as hand painting and gluing, and benefit from stimulation from time spent in the black and white area, as well as the Sensory Room, where they can enjoy heuristic play, allowing the children to experiment with different objects.

Mobile area
A focus on further exploring their senses continues to be key once children move to the Mobile area and they are encouraged to develop their social skills and walk with confidence, which is facilitated by a range of physical activities, including getting messy through lots of malleable play with rice pudding, jelly and angel delight!

Children gain independence through play, with the freedom to more from one activity to another, and are encouraged to make choices for themselves and be sociable. Mealtimes facilitate this, with the children sitting in low chairs, around tables in small groups with their Key person.

Purple Room

The Purple Room is geared towards children who are 18 months to 2 years.

Building confidence is the key focus here and the children are presented with numerous ways to assist with this, whilst becoming more independent - such as sitting on bigger chairs with no straps, washing their own hands, brushing their own teeth and introducing toilet training for those that are ready.

Children engage in a variety of group activities to increase concentration and communication levels, including the introduction of circle time, looking at the weather, regular sing-a-longs and activities based around colours and numbers, as well as more focused activities which helps prepare children for their move into the Blue Room.

We surround the children with exciting stimulating materials that arouse their curiosity, encouraging them to be creative whilst developing their motor skills, social skills and confidence.

Each child continues to have a nominated Key person who, through observation, identifies each stage of their development and who proactively looks for opportunities to help that child continue to grow.

Blue Room

The Blue Room is geared towards children aged 2 to 3 years old, who learn through fun activities and being able to explore their environment.

Independence, self confidence and self esteem is constantly being encouraged, assisted by following daily routines such as recognising their own names or photograph on snack cards and place mats, hygiene routines, self-serving at meal times and joining in with group activities at circle time.

All the children take part in weekly sounds and letters activities to promote good listening and communication skills and are encouraged to collaborate together, to take turns and share in order to form positive relationships.

Role play is a key focus of the room based around a specific monthly theme, such as a café, train station, hairdressers and so on. This encourages imaginative play as well as a knowledge and understanding of the wider world, which is further developed through trips out of the nursery.

Recognising the importance of physical activity, children in the Blue Room start PE sessions, involving a range of other activities including obstacle courses, jumping beans etc, which helps the children gain control of their bodies, and to become more spatially aware whilst promoting good listening skills by following instructions.

Orange Room

Starting to prepare children for their next big step to school is a key consideration in the Orange Room, where children range from 3-4 years of age.

A key focus on independence is paramount here with children being encouraged to dress themselves, self serve at mealtimes and make their own choices about the activities they wish to take part in, which are all designed to stimulate all of their senses whilst exploring all areas of their development - whether it be creative and messy, use of the room's computer or getting involved in the room's themed role play area.

A registration book is used to help children recognise their own names and begin to form recognisable letters and children take part in focused letter and sound-based activities throughout the week. Additional emphasis is also placed on numeracy with a number of games regularly played to develop the children’s understanding of numbers, for example, burying numbers in the sand and getting the children to find and identify the correct numbers, or playing pairs with numbers.

We realise that every child is an individual and we treat them as such, providing them with endless opportunities to grow both mentally and physically, encouraging them to learn through imagination and play.

Green Room

Introduced in September 2012,  we offer a fully functioning pre-school room, or, as we know if here are Juice, the Green Room!  Children move into our Green Room the academic year before they are due to start Reception, and we believe, under the watchful eye of our qualified early year's teacher, Kate, that this is a great way of helping to prepare them for the transition to 'big school!' 

Our open plan room provides flexible accommodation, enabling children to enjoy a wide range of activities, including physical play, ICT games, numeracy and literacy, drawing and colouring, construction, role play opportunities and creative play, using a variety of materials such as sand, water and clay.

The emphasis in pre-school is on preparing children for starting primary school. Kate, together with the rest of our staff, work with the children, and their parents, to ensure that each child is confident and happy in making the transition from nursery to reception.  Planning and assessment of children's learning is based around the Foundation Stage Curriculum, together with the Sounds & Letters Phonics programme, written by the DFES, with their individual learning journeys being recorded on our eyLog software.

Our focus is very much on having fun, with children enjoying lots of play-based learning opportunities, as well as structured carpet and small group sessions.  Kate oversees the planning for preschool and in addition creates and distributes take home packs - with the children by the end of the year taking home simple word cards, books and maths problems.

I wanted to say how delighted I am with the nursery and the staff. Max has come on leaps and bounds since joining Juice and he is a much happier little boy. Your staff are a credit to the nursery. Thank you so much for making my son a happier person.

Olivia Moyes