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How it works


Whether children join us in Pink Room as babies, or as Preschoolers in Green Room, we treat them as individuals, working to support their learning and development, as they transition through each room, enabling them to reach their full potential.

Activities are tailored within each of the rooms to suit the age and stage of the children there however, a common theme should be evident throughout – that they are fun, open ended, designed to create curiosity and inspire. We believe that this is central to children’s development and helps to ensure that our setting is a truly stimulating and engaging environment, where children can grow and enjoy learning.

Throughout the nursery we follow the Early Years Foundation Stage or EYFS, which is how the Government, and indeed how we, as Early Years professionals, describe the time in a child’s life, between birth and the age of 5.

This is a crucial stage in a child’s life as, not only does it help them get ready for school, but also prepares them for their future learning and successes. We therefore believe that their early years experiences should be happy, active, fun and secure, and should support all their development, care and learning needs.

The EYFS highlights six areas of learning as being important to children at this time in their life, which are:

• Personal, social, and emotional development

• Communication, language and literacy 

• Mathematical development

• Knowledge and understanding of the world 

• Creative development

• Physical development

It is within this framework that we plan and implement our curriculum for all the children at Juice - albeit with an overarching principle of applying our own built up knowledge and experience of what works, as well as taking in to consideration what is important to our parents.

In doing this we provide a range of experiences, in addition to activities planned by a child’s Key person, to help them achieve their next steps. This includes weekly Stretch-n-Grow classes, music lessons with Anne-Marie, baking activities using our Mobile Cookery Centre and time in our Sensory Room, as well as plenty of time spent in the fresh air, either in our garden, or out and about around Altrincham.

Pink Room

Our Pink Room caters for our non and newly mobile children

Nurture is core to the Pink Room, with our team working closely with parents to ensure a consistency between home and nursery. We do our very best to follow each child's individual routine. Cots are readily available at all times during the day, should a child need to sleep, and all bottles are made on demand, in our dedicated Milk Kitchen, using the milk of parent's choice, whether this be formula or breast.

As small as the children are, we particularly focus on movement and sensory exploration, to help them connect with their environment, as well as working to support the development of their communication and language skills.

Activities include lots of sensory and messy play, and the children benefit from stimulation as a result of time spent in the black and white area, as well as our Sensory Room, where they also enjoy heuristic play, which allows them to experiment with different objects and materials.

Our Pink and Purple Room teams are Signalong trained, and introduce simple signs to the children to reinforce daily routines such as nappy and mealtimes. Based on British Sign Language, the programme uses a combination of speech, sign, body language, facial recognition and voice tone to reference the link between a sign and word, so aiding communication, and is particularly effective with very young children.

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Purple Room

The Purple Room is geared towards children who are confidently mobile, and are around the ages of 18 months to 2 years.

A focus on further exploring their senses continues to be key, as children move to the Purple Room, and practitioners surround them with exciting and stimulating materials, designed to arouse their curiosity, encouraging them to be creative, whilst developing their motor skills, social skills and confidence.

Children gain independence through their play, with the freedom to more from one activity to another, and are encouraged to make choices for themselves and be sociable. Mealtimes facilitate this, with the children sitting in low chairs, around tables in small groups supported by their Key person.

Our team support the children to become more independent, as they grow, both physically, and in confidence - such as introducing bigger chairs for them to sit on, that do not have straps, helping them to wash their own hands and introducing toilet training for those that are ready.

Children engage in a variety of group activities to increase concentration and communication levels, including the introduction of Circle Time, looking at the weather, regular sing-a-longs and activities based around colours and numbers, as well as more focused activities which help to prepare them for their transition to the Blue Room.

Physical activity is also an important part of the day, with staff ensuring that the children are kept moving through carefully designed exercises and yoga poses.

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Blue Room

The Blue Room is geared towards children aged 2 to 3 years old, who learn through engaging activities and being able to confidently explore their environment.

The development of independence, self confidence and self esteem are all encouraged in our Blue Room, reinforced through daily routines and activities. Children are encouraged to play together, to take turns and share, which are important in helping them to form positive relationships.

Children are supported to recognise their own names or photograph on snack cards and place mats at mealtime, and are helped to adopt good hygiene routines and self care skills. Practitioners encourage them to self-serve at meal times and join in with group activities at Circle Time.

All the children take part in weekly Letters and Sounds activities, which are designed to to promote good listening and communication skills, and lay the foundations for learning phonics.

Role play is a key focus of the room, which encourages imaginative play, as well as a knowledge and understanding of the wider world, which is further reinforced through trips out of the nursery.

Recognising the importance of physical activity, the children in the Blue Room enjoy daily Wake Up Shake Up and yoga activities to help keep them moving and also start PE sessions, designed to help them gain control of their bodies, whilst becoming more spatially aware and promoting good listening skills by following instructions.

Orange Room

Independence and self-care is a key focus in our Orange Room, as they start to prepare for Preschool, where children range from 3-3.5 years of age.

Children are encouraged to dress themselves, self serve at mealtimes and make their own choices regarding the activities that they wish to take part in, which are designed to stimulate all of their senses whilst exploring all areas of their development.

Orange Room, like the other rooms, follow the Juice Golden Rules, but also have their own class rules too, which help them to understand the importance of sharing and being kind to your friends.

Name cards are used to help children recognise their own names and the children take part in focused Letter and Sounds-based activities throughout the week. Additional emphasis is also placed on numeracy with a number of games regularly played to develop the children’s understanding of numbers.

Music and movement continues to play a key part in the Orange Room’s weekly routines, with the children having great fun following the Write Dance programme, as well as working on developing their fine and gross motor skills during Dough Gym sessions, and getting active during their dedicated PE and yoga activities.

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Green Room

Children move in to our Juice Preschool, also known as the Green Room, the academic year before they are due to start Reception.

Our Preschool is overseen by qualified, Early Year’s Teacher, Kate Cartledge, who has a background of working within schools and therefore brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the room. She works closely with a team of experienced childcare practitioners, to create an environment that is truly stimulating, engaging and unique.

Our Preschool team have a real passion for all things early years and are constantly researching new ideas, taking inspiration from The Curiosity Approach, as well as Early Years guru, Alistair Bryce Clegg, to devise weekly planning for the room, following the EYFS, but based around the interests and Next Steps of the children. This means that activities are exciting and varied, and ensures that no two weeks are the same!

That said, activities are also structured to meet the specific learning and developmental needs of our older children, supporting them to be educationally, socially and emotionally ready for the transition to ‘big school’ by the end of the year.

We use neutral colours on our walls, and cosy spaces, to encourage a relaxed, homely feel within the room. We support the children to develop confidence, autonomy and respect and, unlike the rest of the nursery, we do have a uniform for our Preschool children (although this is entirely optional) as we feel that this helps to give them a sense of identity and ‘school readiness’.

We explore friendships through stories and puppets, practice turn taking and sharing and encourage self-awareness and support the children to become more independent, whilst also teaching them how to manage risk in a safe environment, which helps to develop their problem solving skills and resilience.

Circle Times are an excellent time for the children to develop their language and listening skills, and we create opportunities for them to work in pairs and share ideas, all designed to stimulate conversations, as well as their imaginations.

Children participate in regular Phonics sessions, reinforcing and building on their understanding of Phase 1 Letters and Sounds, learnt in our Blue and Orange Rooms

Our Preschool are given time and space to enjoy energetic play daily and, where we can, we bring the outdoors in, so that they can be closer to nature.

Suited up in Puddle Suits, our Muddy Morning sessions are a real highlight of each week, where the children experience a range of outdoor learning opportunities come rain or shine. These carefully planned activities in the outdoor environment are a great way to develop their physical skills, but such adventures also create many learning opportunities that they benefit from across all areas of the EYFS.

In addition to this, with lower staff:child ratios we get out and about as often as we can, exploring the local environment and getting to know our community.

Every 6 weeks we visit the residents of St Andrew’s Court in Altrincham, to sing songs, share stories and games. Through these visits we support the children to build relationships across the generations and the residents look forward to our visits as much as we do!

We cover many themes in Preschool, to help the children understand their world and they really enjoy, and are encouraged to talk about, their own families and environments, celebrating the diversity within the class.

As we near the end of the year we prepare a full report on each child, which we sent to their Reception Teacher, so that in advance of their starting at school, their teachers will already have some background information on them, their interests as well as their progress and development.

It is very hard to say goodbye to the children, however, we send them off in style, as they prepare for their new adventure at school, with a special Graduation Ceremony, which is designed to celebrate all they have achieved during their time at Juice, and in Preschool.

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