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About us


Juice Nursery is run by local parents Mike and Sarah Leary, together with Nursery Managers, Lesley Wilson and Katie Worsley, supported by an excellent team of staff.

Celebrating our 10th anniversary in 2017, the nursery has gone from strength to strength since first opening its doors. However, like our vision, our goal steadfastly remains the same - that Juice MUST feel like a 'home from home'; a caring and nurturing environment, where children and their families feel that they belong and are valued. 

As well as adhering to guidelines set out in the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), and operating under Ofsted regulations, we also have a deep appreciation of what a huge responsibility it is to look after another person’s child. 

It is, therefore, fundamental to us that the children here at Juice not only feel safe, secure and happy, but are also excited to come to nursery, and that their parents see their attendance as a hugely positive and valuable part of their growth, learning and development.

We are very proud of our reputation, and the work that we do. However, be assured, we will never be seen to be resting on our laurels. We are constantly reflecting on our practice, to ensure that our high standards remain and are consistent, as well as thinking of ways that we can make Juice an even better, and more rewarding place, for us all to be.



We take nutrition very seriously here at Juice, whether your child is 4 months or 4 years old, and are proud to have held a Trafford Healthy Setting Award since 2016, which recognises our commitment to promoting the importance of eating healthily.

It is well documented that up to the age of 4 is a crucial time for children, both to ensure that they get the important nutrients needed to help them grow, but also for learning good dietary habits, that will lay the foundations for their future health.

Our full-time, qualified Chef, Karen, works incredibly hard to produce a variety of interesting and tasty menus throughout the year, which are devised in conjunction with a qualified dietician, and also taking into consideration parent - and most importantly, child – feedback! Freshly made meals are planned to give a varied choice and to be nutritionally balanced, using seasonal produce.

We support parents at each step during the weaning process, preparing homemade purees - from simple foods such as carrots or sweet potato, during early weaning, right through to pureed meals for those close to moving on to solid foods.

We focus on providing high quality produce that is fresh and locally sourced. Our meat is supplied by Taylors of Sale, a highly regarded local butcher, fresh fish comes from our local Altrincham market, as do our fruit and vegetables.

Dietary requirements are always taken into account, so, should your child have any special needs, whether for race or religious reasons, or as a result of food intolerances or allergies, with tasty, suitable alternatives, will always be provided.

Should parents need help or advice or, have any concerns about their child’s eating habits or dietary requirements, then our experienced team are on hand to offer some support.

health and wellbeing

Given that regular exercise is imperative to improve bone health, muscle strength and flexibility in children, it is important that young children get into the habit of regular physical activity as early as possible, to reinforce positive associations with exercise through to later life.

With the recognition that poor mental and emotional wellbeing can negatively impact an individual’s physical health, we believe that it is vital that children, as early as possible, are equipped with the skills and knowledge to be able to safeguard and manage their mental health, so that they can grow and develop into happy, healthy and confident individuals. 

In recognition of this, we promote the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle, and are proud to hold a Trafford Early Years Healthy Setting Award and aim to keep our children moving as much as possible, with time planned each day specifically for physical activity, to suit their age and stage of development. 

This includes:

• weekly Stretch-n-Grow classes for children throughout the nursery focusing on having fun, whilst exercising and learning about health and nutrition

• Mini Me Yoga and mindfulness activities and techniques integrated into daily routines

• daily garden time, come rain or shine, (thanks to our canopy), all children have regular access to the Juice Nursery garden, complete with Mud Kitchen, Hideaway Den, mark making areas and water wall 

• additional, planned PE sessions for children in Blue, Orange and Green Rooms, which take place in the Town Hall, next door to nursery

• regular outings to explore Altrincham town centre and train station, as well as visits to the library and local parks

• weekly Muddy Morning outdoor learning adventures for Green Room 

• other activities such as Dough Gym, Wake Up Shake Up, which form part of daily room routines

So, keep an eye out for us if you are out and about - we are easily recognisable, with the children in their Juice high-vis yellow vests, or you may see us around town in our Kindervans, Juice 1 and Juice 2!



We wholeheartedly believe that children learn through play, and that they are able to thrive by enjoying their play to its fullest extent, when they feel secure and happy and, most importantly, are having fun!

To help with this, and to ensure that children settle quickly in to life here at Juice Nursery, each child has a member of staff allocated to them as their Key Person. This Key Person will develop a close relationship with them, getting to know their likes, dislikes and daily routines etc, so providing them with the security they need to explore freely, whilst having a caring figure to turn to should they need reassurance or comfort.

It’s not just the children that benefit from this. Having a Key Person is valuable to parents too, as someone that they can share their child’s growth and development with, or express concerns to. A familiar, smiling face can make the introduction to, and transition through, nursery a much more relaxed experience for both children and their parents.

Whilst following the EYFS, and promoting British Values, through our Golden Rules, all our varied activities encourage the children to reach their developmental milestones.  Our plentiful resources and high quality teaching help give the children the foundations needed to make the most of their abilities as they grow, so reaching their full potential.

Each child has their own individually tailored development plan which focuses on their specific needs, and next steps, ensuring that they progress and develop, through a variety of carefully planned activities. So, whether they are learning new skills, whilst baking with our Mobile Cookery Centre (or indeed our Mud Kitchen!!), getting muddy in the park, burning off some energy during Stretch-n-Grow, or chilling out in their room’s cosy area or our Sensory Room, rest assured, we seek to make the most of every experience that they have with us.

Parents are encouraged to actively follow, and contribute to, their child's learning journey, via eyLog, which charts their development using software specially designed to provide a complete picture of how a child is progressing in their learning on a real time basis.

Building on this, we work in partnership with our parents in a variety of ways, and work hard to develop a relationship with our Juice Nursery families, through a range of communication channels, from sending out regular e-newsletters and Blogs, issuing parent surveys asking for feedback, to posting useful information on Facebook and Twitter, to inviting them to join us for monthly Stay & Play sessions, annual Parent’s Evenings, Family Fun Days, as well as a whole range of other events throughout the year, such as Mother’s and Father’s Day celebrations, charity events, Preschool’s Graduation and a whole host of events at Christmas!


We believe that the staff are the lifeblood of a truly excellent nursery. Simply put, we couldn’t do it without them! 

And so, we recognise that to ensure the very best outcomes for the children in our care, we must first ensure the same for our team, providing them with an inspiring environment within which to work and, proactively supporting their wellbeing, both professionally and personally. We believe that a motivated and happy staff, who are dedicated and engaged, will nurture confident and happy children.

What does this mean in practice?

Firstly, our recruitment and training procedures are rigorous and we follow a carefully structured selection process to ensure that new members of the team understand our requirements and are equipped to meet them. This maximises our likelihood of taking on, and retaining, the right staff. As part of this we carry out stringent security, reference and qualification checks.

Secondly, once on board, we train our team to provide inclusive play and learning opportunities, in line with EYFS requirements, and our vision, holding regular performance reviews with them, to ensure that our high standards are maintained and any development needs addressed.

Thirdly, we ensure various team building events are held throughout the year, always looking for ways to bring the team closer and to make them feel part of something special. This can be anything from bowling nights to weekends away, or simply joining forces and pulling together, to raise money for charity.

So what, I hear you cry!?

In our humble opinion, the team is the most important thing. You will likely visit a variety of nurseries – big/small, indoor/outdoor, lots of resources/less resources – all important, BUT, it is the people at that nursery that matter. It is they who will ultimately be looking after your child. And, it is their expertise, enthusiasm and passion, for what the do, that is going to make the biggest impact on your child.

We are very proud of our staff retention record, with many of our team having been with us since we opened over 10 years ago. This helps to ensure the consistency of our provision, and results in a closely bonded team, who support each other and enjoy working together. 



We realise the importance of being part of a local community, and how this can add to an individual’s general happiness, sense of belonging and well being.

For many parents and children alike, nursery, like school, is often where it starts, and we make a particular effort to support, and play an active part in our local Altrincham community, as well as supporting communities further afield.

Not quite ready for nursery, then parents are welcome to come along to our weekly Juice Nursery Baby Group, a relaxed and friendly group, open to all with children under the age of 1.

Getting to know other members of our community, our Preschool are regular visitors to residential home, St Andrew’s Court; Honest Crust Pizza have organised special pizza making master classes for us; and the entire nursery has great fun at Red House Farm for our annual, summer Family Fun Day.

We support local initiatives such as Paint Altrincham Pink and Altrincham in Bloom, and have, over the years raised money for a number of local charities, including The Children’s Adventure Farm Trust, Wood Street Mission and Francis House, as well as getting involved in Red Nose Day, Children in Need and MacMillan Cancer Support.

We are very proud that, through our Have a Heart Appeal, we were able to raise enough money to purchase an AED (Automated External Defibrillator), which is located on the side of Altrincham’s Market House, so that in case of emergency, members of the public, as well as us here at Juice, can access this potentially lifesaving device.

At the end of the day, we get a lot of enjoyment and satisfaction out of the part we play in our community and we hope that our parents and children do too. We are always looking for new ideas though, so feel free to feedback any thoughts or suggestions on how you think we could be more involved


Congratulations on achieving Platinum status for Trafford’s Giving Voice Accreditation Award! Your passion for promoting communication development in all children is clearly embedded, furthermore, staff are knowledgeable about how to identify and appropriately support SLCN.